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In Get Unstuck Now, Jackie Capers-Brown "The Personal Story Power Catalyst" shares with you transformational truths, proven theories and life-tested strategies that will help you make peace with your past and heal the brokenness in your heart to develop an empowering perspective of who you are ALREADY, at your best so that you feel equipped to transform the limiting beliefs and erroneous assumptions and emotional interpretations of experiences that have kept you spinning your wheels, for months, even years.

In Get Unstuck Now, Brown offers up a menu of powerful personal experiences and breakthrough insights that enabled her to move beyond personal losses and heal her heart wounds from the loss of her parents by the age of 20, her sense of self because of a domestic violence relationship and the unexpected loss of her fourteen year-old son, Blease.

Brown credits her faith, intuition, farmer's work ethic and wisdom from mentors to go from earning minimum wage to managing several million dollar businesses and the breakthrough insight of harnessing her personal story power to navigate new possibilities in her life, career and business.

Today, as an author, speaker, personal growth teacher and women's leadership mentor, she is equipping individuals with her breakthrough success formula, The DRIVE Method which provides light on their path to elevating their perspective of themselves and connecting them to their authentic power to redefine possible in their lives.

Ready to move forward with a clarity of purpose? Tired of spinning your wheels getting nowhere fast? Know you're capable of more but you feel as if you're in a holding pattern because of your past?

Learn transformational truths, proven theories and life-tested strategies that will help you:

  • Discover, connect and own your authentic power
  • Feel more confident in everything you do
  • Liberate yourself from negative emotional baggage
  • Learn tactics to boost your emotional energy
  • Identify what it takes to stop undermining yourself
  • Cultivate rewarding and supportive relationships
  • Create a practical plan for achieving your breakthrough using the DRIVE Method strategy as a guide

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