Jackie Capers-Brown helps individuals harness the power of their personal story to embrace the truth of their enoughness to rise and slay their unique rhythm of greatness.

HI, There!

I am delighted that you want to know more about me.

Here's the scoop...

I believe when people begin to fully embrace who they are ALREADY, at their best, this perspective shift expands their capacity to express their unique rhythm of greatness in ways that allow their soul to experience the freedom it craves.

I believe this because of my personal and professional experiences.

You see, I was able to transform my life from that of a struggling single mom and college dropout earning minimum wage as a housekeeper with Marriott Hotels to become an award-winning leader of several high-performance teams and general manager of several successful million-dollar businesses during my 20+ year corporate career.

These experiences helped me to get clear on how I could use my passion for personal growth and leadership development to serve others and provide value as a Personal Story Power Catalyst, teacher, speaker and women's leadership mentor.

They serve as my compelling WHY behind my brave-hearted mission to teach others how to embrace the fullness of their enoughness so they too can amplify their happiness and personal greatness.

Using my five-step, signature D.R.I.V.E. Method System, I teach people how to integrate their “pit moments” and “breakthrough moments” into an empowering narrative of who they are, who they can become, what they are capable of achieving and what they are worthy of experiencing in life. Once they begin to embrace a fresh perspective of themselves based on their authentic power, I use the D.R.I.V.E. Method System to further help them create vibrational shifts and performance shifts that transforms how they show up for their dreams and goals.

The D.R.I.V.E. Method represents the intuitive actions I took to cultivate the inner-foundation from which I was able to rise above the deaths of both my parents as a teen, rise above living on government assistance, rise above domestic violence, rise above society’s limitations as a single parent, rise above the naysayers who told me that "I had to have a college degree to be successful as a leader" and rise above the mental and emotional hell I experienced after the unexpected loss of my fourteen-year-old son Blease when he died from cardiac arrest.

The D.R.I.V.E. Method provides clients with a systematic approach to creating lasting personal transformation and professional growth because it empowers them to change their story, shift their emotional state and approach their goals with a soulful & strategic mindset.

As founder of Slay Your Greatness Academy, I believe in Entelechy, the vital force within each living organism to reach its potential. Like the acorn which has the potential to become a mighty oak tree, you and I have encoded within our soul's DNA seeds of greatness that have to be activated within the right environment, right support and guidance for us to reach our potential.

Because I have breathed, lived and experienced this throughout my personal life and most of my corporate career, I have a passionate determination to light the path for others so they too can experience the power of Entelechy in their personal and professional life.

If you have a willingness to step into a BIGGER version of your BEST self and you have been looking for a guide who can provide you with proven processes, systems and frameworks that are practical to the challenges faced in everyday life, I am hear to help. Are you ready to invest in your personal growth and professional success? Let's get started.