Slay Your Greatness Success Circle

The Slay Your Greatness Success Circle Program is designed to help you embody the fullness of who you are, ALREADY, at your best so that you begin to leverage these skills towards the personal transformation and professional success you desire.

Lasting personal transformation and professional growth requires more than just knowledge, it requires a change in your story, your state and your strategy.

Hi, there. My name is Jackie Capers-Brown, Founder of Slay Your Greatness Academy. I believe when people begin to fully embrace who they are ALREADY, at their best, this shift in their focus expands their perspective of their value and self-worth and it activates their unique rhythm of greatness in ways that allow their soul to experience the freedom, joy and authentic expression it craves.

The Slay Your Greatness Success Circle is designed to provide strategic guidance and support toward helping individuals develop self-leadership badassery skills that help them get clear, get focused and get moving toward the achievement of their life, career and business goals.

The Slay Your Greatness Success Circle is for individuals who have a burning desire to show up for their dreams and goals in a BIGGER way. Yet, they find themselves wrestling with...

  • Lack of clarity, not knowing where to start
  • Lack of focus, overwhelmed by distractions that pull them in too many directions that seem to go nowhere
  • Lack of confidence, allowing their fears, self-doubt and insecurities dictate their beliefs about what is possible in their life
  • Lack of courage, constantly questioning if they are enough
  • Lack of conviction, disconnected from a compelling WHY
  • Lack of commitment, finding themselves constantly starting and stopping, confusing movement with making REAL progress

My passion is helping individuals harness their personal story power in ways that create perspective shifts, vibrational shifts and performance shifts. These subtle shifts have within them the power to elevate their possibilities and trajectory in life beyond what they can see.

In this monthly program, I will provide a supportive environment that serves as fertile ground for you to own the truth of your personal power while providing strategic guidance that activates the seeds of greatness within your potential.

I believe in the concept of Entelchy. There is a vital force and drive within the potential of an acorn to become a mighty oak tree. When the acorn is planted in soil that nourishes it into what it is designed to become, it will grow into an oak tree.

Similarly, when the seeds of greatness encoded within your soul’s DNA are provided with the right environment, guidance and support, they will be activated and your inner-wisdom will help you use the guidance and support received in this program to get clear, get focused and get moving towards slaying your unique rhythm of greatness.

What Sets Rise & Slay Your Greatness Apart from Similar Programs?

You, Empowered by You. Infinite Possibilities.

As the founder of Slay Your Greatness Academy, I have learned from facilitating several mastermind groups in the past few years that most people when given a supportive environment in which the truth of their power is heard, acknowledged and validated, they start to see themselves in a more positive and expansive perspective.

And with guidance relevant to the goals they want to achieve, they begin to own their authority and start to listen to the inner-wisdom of their soul which helps them navigate their path forward with a courageous confidence.

My role is not to give you a fish and feed you for a day. My role is to teach you how to fish for the wisdom and guidance within yourself so that you take on the leadership role of elevating your infinite possibilities.

This program is designed specifically to help you develop badass self-leadership skills.

It is only by stepping into your power will your actions begin to activate a greater measure of the seeds of greatness in your potential.

Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself to Elevate Your Infinite Possibilities?

This monthly mentorship program begins with a virtual group orientation in December 2017. It is intention is to help you own your power to level up your mindset, momentum and personal mastery of specific skill sets essential to your success.

You will need to complete an onboarding assessment at which time during our initial discovery call session (30 min) we will decide if working together in a group, on a quarterly basis, will be a win/win for each of us.

If we decide to move forward, together, we will acknowledge the truth of your past and how it may be influencing you today. Nevertheless, our primary focus and energy during most of the Slay Your Greatness Mentoring Calls will be on who you are now, who are you becoming, as a result, of your actions, and what you need to do to expand your capacity to become the person capable of manifesting your dreams and goals.

Whether it’s your personal life, career or business, you get to decide the area of our focus when we work together. Once you made this decision, we will focus our attention on who you are ALREADY at your best and how you can leverage these truths, mindsets and skills toward improving your area of focus during the mentorship program.

Your Next Move: Schedule a FREE 30-minute Rise & Slay Discovery Session with me. Complete the contact form below and let me know why you are seeking professional mentoring services now. Once I receive your message, I will forward the onboarding assessment. When I receive your responses, we will schedule a time for your FREE 30-minute Rise & Slay Discovery Session.